Frequently asked questions

Is Wrap Up London a charity?

Wrap Up London is a campaign run by the registered charity Hands On London (1140291). Founded in 2010, Hands On London offers opportunities for individuals to volunteer with third sector organisations across Greater London and organises corporate group employee volunteering events, strengthening corporate social responsibility initiatives. With a huge variety of projects to get involved in, Hands On London is inspiring Londoners to make a difference in their communities. If you’d like to know more about Hands On London, why not check out our website.

Where do the coats go?

Coats donated to Wrap Up London go directly to people across London who struggle to keep warm during the winter months. Coats are distributed via homeless shelters, refugee centres, organisations supporting the elderly, women’s refuges, children’s centres and other charities helping people in crisis. The number of coats our beneficiaries receive is based on the number they request and the amount the campaign manages to collect.

I have a light jacket - will that do?

We accept coats and jackets of all weights, however it is preferable to our charity partners to receive heavy duty coats that are weather resistant. Your light coat may act as layering, so please do consider donating it.

Will you take duvets, sleeping bags or other clothes apart from coats?

Please don’t send us any other clothing or items.

We can only accept coats.

Hands On London charity is a small organisation and, together with the other Wrap Up campaigns, is powered almost exclusively by volunteers. We do not have the operational capacity or connections to store, distribute or dispose of anything other than the coats our partners have requested.

In 2018, we spent so much time and money redirecting unrequested items that our coat deliveries were delayed by almost two weeks!

If you have other clothes or items that you would like to donate to a good cause, why not check out, a network of charitable organisations asking for items they can use, who would love to help!

Can you guarantee my donation really does go to someone who needs it?

We liaise directly with our charity partners and beneficiaries, who have been chosen based on proximity to London and predetermined need. We work with many of these charities throughout the year, so can confidently confirm that they serve London’s most vulnerable people. Should we have a surplus of coats will look at organisations outside of the city to ensure your donation reaches a vulnerable person.

Can you tell me where my donation goes?

Your donation will go to one of over 100 London based charities and community organisations. The Hands On London team can provide more details on this. Please drop us a line at [email protected] if you’d like to find out more.

Your campaign looks like you've spent a lot of money on it…

Hands On London - the charity that organises Wrap Up London - has only 3.5 full time paid members of staff. The campaign is primarily supported by a small team of dedicated volunteers. We are lucky that so many wonderful organisations and individuals believe in the campaign and want to make it a success; it is their generosity that enables Wrap Up London to happen. Every year, over 800 volunteers give up their own personal time to help vulnerable Londoners by making Wrap Up London happen. 150 companies make a contribution in kind.

Can I help?

Yes! Sign up to help us collect and sort through donated coats at: [email protected]

I can’t help at the tube stations. Is there some other way I can give my time?

Yes! As the campaign develops we need help with all sorts of things, from delivering small coat donations, assistance on the days charities pick up their coats and a number of one off tasks that develop. We are always grateful for people who pick up our social media messages and share them. Even if you are just passing by, take a selfie and post it!

Why do you have big businesses on your leaflets?

We are grateful to all our sponsors, who choose to sponsor different parts of Wrap Up London. Without their backing, Wrap Up London would not be sustainable.

There are homeless people outside tube station - why don't you just take the coats directly outside?

We have worked very closely with homeless charities for several years. Their advice is to distribute the coats we collect through them rather than directly. This is to ensure that the coats reach those most in need. People who receive the coats are encouraged to collect them from shelters, centres etc. Whilst there, they are able to access other services that can help them rebuild their lives.